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1. The Best Sendoff: SF to Waddell Beach

April 14, San Francisco, CA, USA

Partners in Climb were the first to arrive. Stuffed into our garage, Bo and Lisa helped me with the final packing checklist. Laura reassured me that switching my tires at the last minute wasn't foolish. Abby, Carol, Ilse, Molly, and Gowri provided color commentary and emotional support. Howard packed his bags. And Euge did the uzh, which is to say she artistically documented it all.

Iris stopped in to deliver a hamsa pin to protect me from the Evil Eye, an homage to our travels in Turkey.

And then we were off! All the sudden, I was living my dream. And with two hours of sleep, I felt extra dreamy.

First stop was Ocean Beach, where my sweet old friends Vicky, Bobby, Melissa, and Korn were waiting with my coach, Marissa. Howard climbed down to the water to get a sip of the Pacific to splash over my rear wheel. (When I return, I will dip my front wheel in the Pacific.) And then we climbed on.

Euge stayed with us til Pescadero, where we feasted on a sacrificial Arcagengeli artichoke bread, per the Book of Bike. (Kudos to Daniel and Ellie-dog for picking Euge up and giving us a final good-bye.)

Howard was my hot date at Rancho del Oso, where the campground was all ours. A pale green shooting star bade me goodnight. I hadn't slept so well in weeks.

Miles: 63.4

Climbing: 3.1K feet

Song in my head: "Head on" by The Jesus and Mary Chain


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