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11. Pasadena to Fontana

Updated: May 4

April 24, 2024

Miles: 42.3

Climbing: 1.0K ft

Total: 564 miles

Song in my head: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan

The day began with a sendoff from the urban peafowl of Arcadia, followed by the Tour de Adorable Towns: Pasadena, LaVerne, Claremont, Pomona. They reminded me of cute Peninsula towns like Palo Alto and San Mateo, but with more greenery and fewer Teslas.

The Route 66 marking (and marketing) began in earnest. I regretted not getting photos of the official start of the route back in LA, and so started making up for it here. When I stopped for a smoothie, a fellow cyclist struck up a conversation and showed off his mountain bike, on which he had just completed a 67 mile race with 9K feet of climbing (zoinks!).

I had every intention of camping in the Glen Helen Regional Park, but angry clouds were gathering in the direction I was traveling. Although I am not made of sugar, the prospect of hauling heavy wet gear over Cajon Pass the next day did not appeal. So I ducked into a Comfort Inn before the clouds broke.

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05. Mai

May you always have a Comfort Inn nearby!

Gefällt mir
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