Select clips of talks and interviews I've given on gender, ethnic, social class, regional, and national culture clashes

TEDx: From Independence to Interdependence

This brief TED talk explains how the clash of independence and interdependence underlies many cultural conflicts.

MSNBC: The Cycle

We discuss politics, religion, and why migrating from Tennessee to San Francisco makes you lose weight and change your hair. 


I teach Cultural Psychology for Outlier.org, the folks who brought you MasterClass. A 2020 Time Magazine Best Invention.

3% Conference: How Women Lead

CEOs Daina Middleton , Dianne Wilkins, Wendy Wallbridge, and I talk with Kelli Robertson about the strengths of women leaders.

Freakonomics Radio


Other researchers and I give our takes on how social media is tearing the U.S. apart on "Sudhir Breaks the Internet." 

KERA Dallas: "Think"


Why don’t tiger cubs wither in the grips of their tiger mothers? Is your brain a plant or a computer? I answer these questions and more.

Burning Bridges


What are Trump supporters thinking? I ask them on Margaux Avedisian's popular podcast, and then respectfully explore our differences.

PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge


On an episode titled "Split Identities," I discuss how people navigate their many and often conflicting cultural selves.

WLRN Miami: "Topical Currents"


Miami public radio’s “Topical Currents” hosted Hazel and me to discuss the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Stu Taylor


Conservative radio host Stu Taylor and I discussed race, class, and gender, demonstrating how to negotiate the clash of independence and interdependence.

Flashback from the Blackboard Jungle

To promote CLASH! I’ve spoken at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, on dozens of radio and television programs, and on more college campuses than I can count. But Carleton College, tucked among the cornfields of Northfield, Minnesota, holds a special place in my heart. I’ve spoken there twice now, and both times met incredibly thoughtful faculty and students. Here is a video of my first talk there, two years ago. I especially appreciate that the audience laughed at all my jokes.