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Select clips of talks and interviews I've given on gender, ethnic, social class, regional, and national culture clashes

TEDx: From Independence to Interdependence

This brief TED talk explains how the clash of independence and interdependence underlies many cultural conflicts. 

I teach Cultural Psychology for, the folks who brought you MasterClass. A 2020 Time Magazine Best Invention.

MSNBC: The Cycle

We discuss politics, religion, and why migrating from Tennessee to San Francisco makes you lose weight and change your hair. 

3% Conference: How Women Lead

CEOs Daina Middleton , Dianne Wilkins, Wendy Wallbridge, and I talk with Kelli Robertson about the strengths of women leaders.

Freakonomics Radio


Other researchers and I give our takes on how social media is tearing the U.S. apart on "Sudhir Breaks the Internet." 

KERA Dallas: "Think"


Why don’t tiger cubs wither in the grips of their tiger mothers? Is your brain a plant or a computer? I answer these questions and more.

Burning Bridges


What are Trump supporters thinking? I ask them on Margaux Avedisian's popular podcast, and then respectfully explore our differences.

PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge


On an episode titled "Split Identities," I discuss how people navigate their many and often conflicting cultural selves.

WLRN Miami: "Topical Currents"


Miami public radio’s “Topical Currents” hosted Hazel and me to discuss the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Stu Taylor


Conservative radio host Stu Taylor and I discussed race, class, and gender, demonstrating how to negotiate the clash of independence and interdependence.

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