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43-44. Weatherford to Oklahoma City, OK

Updated: Jun 9

May 26, 2024

If you're extremely lucky and play your cards right, your superfriends Loren and Moshe drive 7 hours round trip on Memorial Day weekend to visit you as you pedal by.

I met Loren during our rock-and-roll college days, and Moshe when Loren had the good taste and wise foresight to marry him. Over the years, these huge-hearted folks have festooned me with their hospitality in New York, Dallas, and Costa Rica. But I doubted I would see them in OKC because I gave them only 24 hours notice that I would be, um, (checks map), 3.5 hours from their Dallas home.

Yet see them did. These dear souls showered me with the nicest compliments, the tastiest vittles, and the most tantalizing possibility: meeting again in Europe. I may have cried a little with gratitude.

Energized by their love and naches, I needed only one day off, instead of two, before setting off again into the amber waves of Oklahoma.

Distance: 70.09 miles

Climbing: 1.89 K feet

Totals: 2,050 miles, 69 K feet

Song: "Thank You for Being a Friend" ("Golden Girls" theme song)



Jun 11

We made it onto the blog! Sending all our love!


Jun 10

You are absolutely beaming in these photos! So much love!

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