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2. Waddell Beach to Salinas

April 15, 2024

After kissing the mister good-bye (sob!), I trundled down the coast under the purest azure skies and surrounded by a technicolor wildflower superbloom. Santa Cruz clicked by before I turned inland to route around the washed-out bit of Highway 1. First a cupcake and coffee, then a food truck bearing vaso de elote and a sandia agua fresca emerged from the landscape right when my hunger peaked. The cycling diet is my favorite one.

Upon my arrival near Salinas, I was surprised to see that the motel I thought I had booked was acutually a historic Victorian mansion. (Gotta read those listings more closely.) After hauling Louise up a very steep and narrow flight of stairs, I ate the second half of an emergency burrito I had stashed earlier, did a load of laundry in the jacuzzi, and passed out cold in a very comfy bed.

Miles: 67.2

Feet: 2.7K

Song in my head: "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin


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