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20-22. Flagstaff, AZ

Updated: May 12

May 3-4, 2024

Ah, Flagstaff. You took me in and put me back together again, with the best massage of my life (thank you, Carmen at Touch of Comfort Massage), a new chain on my bike, new socks on my feet (after the hotel laundry ate one of my mine), and two whole rest days.

I had intended to take only one day off. But on the day I meant to depart, 50 mph winds with 75 mph gusts busted through, topped off with a good old fashioned hail storm. Mama don't sail in that kind of weather.

After two days of not cycling, though, I started feeling sluggish, and was happy to be on my way. I was also delighted to realize that I had just logged more than 1,000 miles of my journey.

Distance: 39.78 miles

Climbing: 1.13 K feet

Totals: 1,002.9 miles, 39.8 K feet

Song: "Carolina in My Mind" by James Taylor


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