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58. Farmington, MO to Chester, IL

June 10, 2024

We crossed the Mississippi River today, which Howard tells me is A Big Deal. If I flopped off the rickety Chester, IL bridge and into The Big Muddy, why, I could just float on down to my hometown of Memphis. This makes me realize just how far I have pedaled, and I am indeed chuffed with myself and Louise.

Here in Chester (home of Popeye's creator), we are sleeping for free in the "cyclists' shack" behind the Fraternal Order of Eagles' Nest. "People helping people" is the Order's motto. I asked the bartender who checked us in if the Order had ever considered "eagles helping eagles." She just looked at me like I had lost my mind. And maybe I have.

The TransAm Trail offers a lot more free or cheap cyclists' lodging than did Route 66 (total=0) and also a many more food options. It seems I started my tour at a high level of difficulty, though the TransAm's Kentucky segment is notorious for dog attacks. Howard and I bought dog repellant today, and I'm packing a can on each hip. Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me.

Distance: 48.55 miles

Total: 2,680


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Laura Quiroga
Laura Quiroga
19 มิ.ย.

Great pictures! I love the big puffy clouds in the sky. Glad to see you and Howard having fun. Did Howard get a new bike or is that a rental?

Alana Conner
Alana Conner
24 มิ.ย.

He bought it used from the SV Bicycle Exchange. It has a Pinion drivetrain. Very swish!

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