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10. Pasadena Rest Day

April 23, 2024

Miles: 0

Mama was tired, so I spent my so-called "zero day" tending to my bike and body.

Perhaps because everything was going so well, my brain was casting about for something to obsess over and landed on my drive train. Have I set my derailleur too tight? Is my cassette wearing out prematurely? Am I over-lubing my chain?

For mechanical and psychological support, I visited the Trek shop conveniently located across the street from my hotel. The staff there treated me so kindly. A tech named Chris patiently explained to me the likely natural history of my drive train. The manager asked me all sorts of questions about my rig. And the staff gathered around to admire Louise, which of course she appreciated mightily.

I also popped into REI for more anxiety assuagement and to purchase a merino wool bra, having discovered that nylon bras don't smell so swell after a week on the road. (Although I prefer not to use any animal products, I now make an exception for ethically sourced merino wool because it wicks well and doesn't stink.)

After getting a massage, raiding a CVS to purchase my newly discovered cure for saddle sores (a Hibiclens + Eucerin paste), and chatting with Tony, the nicest innkeeper on Earth, I devoured a lovely Indian dinner and crashed out early, my laundry flapping gently in the AC.



Lorri Lown
Lorri Lown
May 05

I hope you’re able to keep those saddle sores at bay!

Alana Conner
Alana Conner
May 06
Replying to

I discovered the cure to saddle sores: Hibiclens mixed with lotion and left on overnight. Pass it on!

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