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9. Malibu to Pasadena

Updated: May 4

2024 April 22

Miles: 52.6


Total Miles: 521.5

People I love bookended this day: Christine in the morning and my cousins Carla and Allen in the evening.

In between was a wend down the Pacific Coast Highway, followed by a scenic tour of LA. On the PCH, I cruised alongside a flock of pelicans for a half mile and spotted a pod of dolphins while eating gummy candies. In other words, I was living my best life.

The stop and go of LA traffic was made merry by the kindness of the Angelenos I encountered. Motorists gave me the right of way when they didn't have to (bless them each and every one.). A driver actually apologized to me when he blocked a crosswalk. And as I climbed up to Pasadena, a young guy waiting for a bus started cheering me on, "Keep it up! You got this! Way to go!" giving me actual life. The stereotypes may be true, after all: SoCal is friendlier than NoCal.

The good vibes continued in Pasadena, where I dined with my super generous, extra cool, and always hilarious SoCal cousins, Carla and Allen, who schlepped all the way up from Orange to meet me. Allen even made a video of me giving a tour of my bike's components and luggage, which is every cyclist's secret dream. And as usual, Carla (who is an actual comedian) made me snort with her stories.

I am now in uncharted territory. I had previously ridden about 70% of the route from SF to LA during my two AIDS/LifeCycle forays. Now shit is getting real, or, at least, new.



Allen Buchanan, SIOR
Allen Buchanan, SIOR
5 days ago

Awesome seeing you!


May 05

What a perfect day!

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