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17. Oatman to Kingman, AZ

April 30, 2024

Having learned my lesson about deserts and heat, I set out this morning at 6 am and thoroughly enjoyed the climb up and descent down Sitgreaves Pass (known to motorcyclists as the Arizona Sidewinder). Once again, the wildflowers and geology left me gobsmacked.

The climb up to Kingman was less inspirational and more perspirational. There were no plants taller than waist-high in this part of the desert, so finding places to pee, a perimenopausal preoccupation, became an issue.

Still feeling leaden after the previous day's exertions, I made it a short day and planned on sleeping a bunch. But then my hotel in Kingman had a cricket problem. I don't mind quiet crickets. But clicking crickets drive me bonkers. I wound up changing rooms until I found one with adequately behaved insects so that I could nap peacefully.

I still have my standards.

Distance: 25.4

Climbing: 2 K feet

Totals: 862.4 miles, 33.3 K feet

Song: "Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones


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