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18. Kingman to Seligman, AZ

Updated: 6 days ago

May 1, 2024

Today my ship came in, and by "my ship," I mean my fabulous Partner in Climb Laura Quiroga. Laura flew from CA, rented a car, woke up at 4 am, drove hours from her mom's place in Prescott, intercepted me on the 66, took my bags, drove ahead to Peach Springs, and then rode her mom's bike back towards me so that we could meet up and ramble together. She then drove ahead to Seligman, a funky little town chockful of Route 66 memorabilia, got a sweet hotel room, dropped off her bike, found me again on Route 66, then drove Louise and me on to Seligman and bought me dinner, replete with banana pie. And she didn't even complain about my smell or slow gait.

I am not worthy of such SAG awesomeoness, but I am so very grateful for it! Laura, you're the MVP!

Laura joining me was a dream come true. When I was planning* this ride, I had this fantasy that friends and family would come out and join me for segments of it, or just to have dinner. So far, my cousins Allen and Carla joined me in Pasadena and Laura in Kingman. Step right up to be my next co-roller!

We also met another cycle tourist, a Polish man named Marcin who had already cycled from New York to LA and was heading back again. I had hoped to catch up with him, but this dude is averaging more than 100 miles per day. So, Marcin, wherever you are, tailwinds and safe travels!

*"Planning" is a strong word for the minimal prep work I did.

Distance: 64.20 (not including the ~10 miles Laura chauffeured me)

Climbing: 2.48K feet

Totals: 925.5 miles, 35.75K feet

Song: "Don't Fence Me In" by The Andrews Sisters


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