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24. Joseph City to Chambers, AZ

May 7, 2024

With 30 mph crosswinds, my journey through the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert was more of a sailing expedition than a bike ride.

Here's a taste of what the wind was like:

This landscape is breathtaking, all stripey bumps and crags against a cyan scrim, with gemstones strewn hither and yon. I would have loved to have taken 1,000 photographs, but the wind was so strong that stopping felt dangerous. Frankly, I am proud of myself for not biting it.

After serving as spinnaker through the high seas of sand, I still had 25 miles to go on my nemesis, the I-40. Wary of another flat, I found myself stopping every 15 minutes or so to run a bare hand over my tires, checking for debris. Indeed, I caught a would-be flatting filament this way, which rewarded my OCD behavior.

Judge not, though: I made it to Chambers with nary a flat, dumped a Navajo taco into my gullet, and got a real night sleep.

Distance: 91.1 miles

Climbing: 3.18 K feet

Totals: 1,171.5 miles, 43.6 K feet

Song: "The Painted Desert" by 10,000 Maniacs

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5 days ago

Yes to celebrating those days without any flats!

And wow, your mileage was impressive today! You were flying!

Me gusta
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