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27. Ramah to Grants, NM

May 10, 2024

After several days of moody winds, sketchy road surfaces, loud freeways, and uncertain lodging, I was so very grateful for a day of manageable (if not calm) winds, smooth shoulders, secondary roads, and a reserved motel room.

Today took me through the El Morro and El Malpais national monuments, which may explain the excellent road conditions. I shoulda taken more photos, but I was having such a lovely day of just being on the bike that I didn't.

Grants isn't the loveliest, but then no human settlelement can compare to the splendor and magesty of the high desert. At least they have deep-dish pizza.

Distance: 53.91 miles

Climbing: 1.25 K feet

Totals: 1,322.2 miles, 48.3 K feet

Song: "Carey" by Joni Mitchell

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5 days ago

So glad you are able to get some sleep finally!

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