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28. Grants to Albuquerque, NM

Updated: 5 days ago

May 11, 2024

Although I had a lot of miles ahead of me today, the urge to chat won out several times.

My first conversation was with Renee, who was coming off the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) for a resupply. There's not a lot of women out here on the road or the trail, so it's such a treat to connect with a fellow lady traveler.

Then at a gas station a few miles down the road, I encountered two Acoma Indian brothers, Andres and Kent, selling jewelry while a young white dude on something tweaked in front of their table. ("My life was going good until I met Veronica." "Oh yeah. I know Veronica." "Really? The 50-year-old cougar in Colorado Springs?" "Totally." "Whooaaaa....")

I wanted to gift some necklaces to my friends, but the brothers didn't ship, and I can't carry much of anything on my rig. Despite my deadbeat non-purchasing action, the brothers presented me with an arrowhead and necklace and gave me the best hugs ever. They also taught me how to evoke the bear spirit for protection, which I did several times while climbing I-40 in yet another ferocious crosswind.

As dusk and Albuquerque approached, I came across another hiker, this time a French actor named Victor who had walked all the way from New York, 36 miles a day. I interviewed him, as I had Renee and Kent, and once again felt a deep kinship with my siblings of the road.

Albuquerque rose up from the valley, but I still had 12 miles to ride after nightfall. Part of my route was through Paseo del Bosque, an urban forest that is doubtless magical during daylight but at night feels a bit menacing. I practiced what I would say if anyone jumped out and tried to rob me.

No one did, of course, but should that day come, I am ready.

Distance: 78.1 miles

Climbing: 2.64 K feet

Totals: 1,400.3 miles, 50.9 K feet

Song: "Gypsy" by Suzanne Vega

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5 days ago

Beautiful mesa pics!

And I love that you are meeting so many kind people on this journey! Those brothers are so sweet.

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