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33. Los Cerrillos to Santa Fe, NM

May 16, 2024

Those Weather Channel jokesters warned of all sorts of hellfire and damnation today, and so I planned to leave early for the short ride up to Santa Fe and then to seek shelter. But the rain didn't arrive until nightfall, and so I had a whole two-legged, no-wheeled day in lovely Santa Fe.

First stop was breakfast with Nancy and Deborah, whom I met in the lobby of our Motel 6. Old friends who first met hanging their art in a gallery show in Maine, these women share an admiration for each other that glows as brightly as their rainbow outfits. A fan of bright colors myself (witness Louise and her accoutrements), I felt chuffed to break bread and learn about their lives as artists, teachers, seekers, and friends.

You can take the dork out of the library, but the dork is gonna find a library eventually. Today I spent hours in the Santa Fe public library, a stately mission-style building where you can squat a decent machine for an hour at a time and print for ten cents a page (suck it, FedEx/Kinkos!). After checking out the stacks, I printed my visas for Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam, then futzed with my Europe route in light of my newly discovered aversion to high temps. Stay tuned for the updated route.

The rain finally came as I walked back to my hotel, feeling so downright indolent after a day spent sitting, eating, chatting on the phone with my beloved Hs, and wending my way amongst the shiny boutiques and pricey restaurants. This high desert high life dazzles my feral self.

Distance: 8.50 miles

Climbing: .61 K feet

Totals: 1,465.86 miles, 55.66 K feet

Song: "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" (subsituting "Santa Fe" for "San Jose") by Dionne Warwick


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