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34. Santa Fe to Romeroville, NM

May 17, 2024

I mean, just look at those photos, people! Sixty-five miles of azure skies, undulating mesas, and snow-capped mountains polka-dotted with stoic greenery. The two-pastry breakfast at a French bakery in Santa Fe didn't hurt, either.

(Although cattle are abundant in these parts, for some reason fresh dairy isn't. So real butter in any format is a big treat.)

New Mexico east of Santa Fe does not have a lot in the way of services, and so I camped at a KOA after snarfing Subway at a gas station. At the campground, the kindest motorcyclist showered me with admiration for my journey, which of course I soaked up like a sponge in the surf.

Out here on the road, motorcyclists and truckers are my natural allies, partly because we share an enemy: distracted drivers. Although I'll never love the snarl of a Harley, I do appreciate the reasoning behind the decibels: Loud pipes save lives.

Perhaps the bird that woke me up at 5:00 am had the same ethos in mind. I attempted to take her picture through my tent (that's the header image on this entry), but you can't really make her out. Although one of the unalloyed perks of sleeping outside is awakening to birdsong, this one went the extra mile to deliver a full-blast piccolo concerto. It was loud enough to fill the biggest skies I've ever seen.

Distance: 65.46 miles

Climbing: 3.19 K feet

Totals: 1,531.32 miles, 58.85 K feet

Song: " Country Roads" by John Denver

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1 Comment

May 29

Great photos of New Mexico! Such blue skies and open vistas!

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