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50. Joplin to Carthage, MO

Updated: Jun 9

June 2, 2024

Nice guy rides with me,

Then mean dog chomps my ankle.

Glad for rabies vax.

TL;DR: I'm fine, y'all.

In his enthusiasm for nipping the tires of all passing vehicles, Leo the Boxer Dog broke his chain and came barreling after me. To short-circuit his chasing instinct, I stopped. Leo stopped, too. But then, as if thinking, "Well, I ran all the way here. I gotta bite something," he gave my ankle a chomp, delivering a few puncture wounds and a hematoma. He then ran off to join the trailer park's resident band of semi-feral diggity-beasts while I called the police.

Too tired to figure out the medical system of rural Missouri, I accepted an ambulance ride to an ER.

Such extra. So drama. Wow.

I'm packing a water gun now to shoot the suckers between the eyes.

Before this nonsense, a kind cyclist named Chase did not chase me, but rather rode alongside me for about 10 miles, telling me all about the area. Trail angels abound out there, and Chase was one of them. Leo was not. Know the difference.

Distance: 15-ish plus ambulance ride

Climbing: .7 K feet

Totals: 2,341 miles, 79 K feet



Jun 10

Ouch! How bad is your puncture?

Alana Conner
Alana Conner
Jun 10
Replying to

No stitches, just antibiotics. Leo-dog had a nasty mouth.

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