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56-57. Ellington to Farmington, MO

June 8-9, 2024

My failure to update this blog incited a flurry of concerned calls, texts, and emails over the past couple of days. Many apologies for worrying y'all! I am fine, despite the tornado and dog attack (more about those in previous posts.)

Indeed, Howard is here in Missouri for his conjugal visit, and so I have a wingman for a week. With him I am and feel safer, although my celebrity value as a solo woman cycling around the world has gone down. I am delighted for this tradeoff.

Presently we are hunkered down at the fabulous Big Al's cycling hostel in the plush community of Farmington, waiting out a spectacular thunderstorm with concomitant flooding. We've hopped from Route 66 to the Transamerica Trail, both Adventure Cycling Association routes that help you keep yourself fed and slept.  I've seen more cycling tourists in the past three days than I saw from Arizona to the Missouri state line. After weeks of winds tearing across the plains, the Ozarks are serving up cicada-sung forests and punchy climbs.

Ours is a devastatingly beautiful country, all the way across.

Distance: 66.77

Climbing: 3.67 K feet

Totals: 2,631 miles, 61 K feet



Jun 10


Glad to see you enjoying your journey. You are an inspiration. 🙏🏼


Jun 10

Did Howard bring bagels? Beautiful rolling hills!

Alana Conner
Alana Conner
Jun 24
Replying to

Yes he did! They were not long for this earth.

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