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61. Elizabethtown, Il to Sebree, KY

Updated: Jun 29

June 13, 2024

We slept at the historic Rose B & B on the banks of the Ohio River. After reading that the Rose is haunted, I sure enough dreamt that I saw a ghost. Or did I see a ghost? Sometimes it's so hard to tell the difference.

We crossed the Ohio on a small ferry. On its opposite shore, the state of Kentucky greeted us with a Narcan dispensary nestled in poison ivy. Kentucky definitely needs to up its welcoming game.

The First Baptist Church of Sebree made up for the state's shortcomings in this regard, as, I imagine, it does in many others. The church remodeled its first floor to be a hostel for cyclists, replete with air-conditioning, a shower, laundry, kitchen, bedrooms with cots, and, my favorite a fan (to dry our kit overnight). The preacher's wife gave us a warm welcome and tour, her children trailing in silence.

After an excellent dinner at a Mexican restaurant, we slept off the day's heat and prepared for the next.

Distance: 64.92 miles

Total: 2,872 miles


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